“Ayesha and Hugo you have taught me ‘no one is You and that is your Power’. I am glad that I am part of this positive community of people who are working on themselves to be the greatest the can be. You taught me how to be happy! Start everyday with a positive attitude. Take care of your mind, body and soul. Nourish your mind with god thoughts, your body with nutritious food and your soul with laughter. Accept yourself as you are. No matter where you are on your journey, don’t give up on yourself! Thank you, keep shining and smiling….”

~ Simmi Singh, May 2016

“ Thanks a lot Ayesha and Hugo for a wonderful experience for one month at Yoga class. This has had a lot of positive effect on my health. My muscle cramp problem has not occurred from the day I joined class. I have improved my sleep and feel much better, as I am a patient of insomnia. It has helped me to tackle my anxiety and breaking my thinking process. I promise to make Yoga a part of my nature and I’ll look forward to you when I am going weak once again. Thanks from the core of my heart by helping me in the lowest time of my life.”

~ Dr. Rajinder Kaur, June 2016

“Excellent! Thank you Ayesha & Hugo for starting these classes I wouldn’t have known yoga could be fun too . You both are doing a wonderful job. Keep it up. God bless”

~ Roohi Nakai, June 2016

“I was walking on the lake when I saw these people do yoga. On asking I was told it was a free session. When I joined in I saw there was a lot of energy and fun in the class.the way the teachers explained yoga was fun.. I found myself highly energetic after the class… kudos to the team..”

~ Anki Wad, July 2016

“Great space open and airy . Brilliant one on one focus by instructors . The class makes you feel fit and happy . Offer Options of choosing what time one is comfortable with through the day for practice as well . It’s good for young and old , men and women and people with back problems or other ailments as well . Care is taken for all to learn and improve on way to live life for a healthier body and mind.”

~ Arjun Gill, September 2016

“Yog Amore classes were a beautiful phase of my lifetime. I really appreciate Ayesha and Hugo’s personal touch in making the people realize and feel the wonders of Yoga and meditation. Great going guys!!!!”

~ Punam Sharma, September 2016