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Who We Are ?

Namaste! I am Hugo- Founder of YogAmoreShala.
In my consciousness, my spiritual journey started many years ago in Auroville where I went seeking a break from my fast-paced life, similar to what many of you might be seeking now. This set me on a long journey of self-exploration and a pursuit of mindfulness.
However, I think it was fated since the day I was born, my grandfather, who I was very close to and imbibed a lot from, had one look at me and christened me ‘Bhikshu’- (Hindi for ‘monk’).
Over the years, I read many books, attended various courses, programs, festivals and retreats to delve deeper into myself and the purpose of this existence and have now dedicated my life to teaching the tools and techniques I learnt to whoever is ready to open up their heart and mind to it. 

What We Offer ?

Yoga Retreats

At our Retreats, we whisk you away to carefully curated locations, away from tourists and ....

Weekend Workshops

At Our Weekend Workshops: We explore many forms of meditative practices such as ....

Yoga Shala

At Our Yoga Shala: we offer Yoga and Meditation classes 4 days a week where we practice....

Life Coaching

One on one sessions on lifestyle, healing yourself through Yoga.....

Why Choose Us ?

Yoga Retreat



Dec 25 - Dec 30



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Sample Testimonial 1

Hugo is a great Yoga teacher and is very patient with his students. 

My heartfelt gratitude to Hugo for helping me strengthen my Yoga and meditation practice. I shall look forward to many more learning experiences with Yog Amore.

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Blog Structure

Yoga Session at Goa Retreat

Meditation Dhyana

Published on: –/–/—

Have you ever received the magical advice of taking deep breaths and closing your eyes while you are in a fit of rage? Well, it is safe to say that most of us have!

Shamanic Breathwork Journey

Healing powers of your breath

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Can you recollect breathing rapidly when you saw something you’re afraid of? Or, do you remember breathing calmly to the sound of the ocean waves and being cradled to a gentle sleep?

Essential Yoga Equipment for Beginners

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How much time do you devote to taking care of yourself in a day? Considering our cramped schedules and unhealthy lifestyles, most people would say nothing more than thirty minutes

Peace in Yoga

Exploring the science of Yoga

Published on: –/–/—

In a world that is obsessed with the hustle culture and consumed with the virtual world, adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes increasingly important.

Peace in Yoga

Reversing age with Yoga

Published on: –/–/—

Undoubtedly, the most cherished ornament of the Indian pot of treasures is Yoga. The eternal shine of this ornament can be seen from every part of the world. Even the West is now fascinated by the art and science of healthy living powered by Yoga.

Spirituality in Yoga

What is Yoga?

Published on: –/–/—

The word YOGA, from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’, means to yoke or bind and is often interpreted as ‘UNION’ or a method of discipline. A male who practices Yoga is called a ‘Yogi’, a female practitioner, a ‘Yogini’.

Peacefully doing Yoga Beach

Benefits is Yoga?

Published on: –/–/—

If you’re a passionate yoga practitioner, you’ve probably noticed some yoga benefits—maybe you’re sleeping better or getting fewer colds or just feeling more relaxed and at ease.

Spirituality in Hatha Yoga

New to Yoga?

Published on: –/–/—

If you are new to Yoga do not panic, you don’t have to be super flexible or extra strong in order to start your practice. Each of us is unique and so is the yoga practice, all you need to bring with you to class is a fun-loving attitude and smiles on your face!

Yoga Retreat Goa Venue Yoga Hall


Published on: –/–/—

Meditation is a word that has come to be used loosely and inaccurately in the modern world. That is why there is so much confusion about how to practice it.


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