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Contribution and Refund Guidelines

Monthly Pass Cycle and Payment: 

To ensure smooth accounting procedures and adhere to our policies, the Monthly Pass Cycle commences on the 1st of each month. The complete contribution (fee) is required to be paid in advance on the first day of your class.

Walk-in Classes Payment: 

For walk-in classes, kindly make the payment for each class on the same day of attendance. We do not offer credit options for these classes.

Pro-Rata Calculation for Monthly Pass Start Date: 

If you initiate your Monthly Pass between the 1st and 15th of the month, your contribution will be calculated on a pro-rata basis until the end of the same month. For instance, starting on the 6th will result in a contribution for 25 days until month-end. Starting between the 16th and 30th will involve pro-rata calculation until the end of the next month. For example, starting on the 18th will mean a contribution for 43 days until the end of the following month.

Monthly Pass Continuation and Notification: 

Before your Monthly Pass concludes, it’s your responsibility to inform us if you’re not continuing. A new Monthly Pass will automatically begin. Failure to provide timely notice will result in new Monthly Pass dues. If you inform us later, you will be liable to pay at the rate of walk-in classes for all class days up to the date of intimation, regardless of attendance.

Missed Classes and Adjustments: 

Regrettably, missed classes will not be adjusted, and extensions will not be granted for any reason. Once your Pass begins, if you discontinue for any reason, your contribution will not be adjusted or refunded, and attended classes will not be treated as walk-ins.


The validity of the passes is as follows:

  • Yoga Monthly Pass: 30 Days
  • 10 Class Pass: 30 Days
  • All Class Pass: 30 Days
  • 8 Private Session Pass: 30 Days
  • 24 Private Session Pass: 90 Days

Refund Policy:

Payments made for Group Classes (Monthly Pass/10 Class Pass/All Class Pass), Private Yoga Sessions (or 8 / 24 Sessions Pass), or specific Events/Retreats (Workshops/Retreats) are non-refundable under any circumstances.

Transfer of Registration:

Monthly Passes / 10 Class Pass are non-transferable.In some cases, transfer of registration to another person is possible with an additional payment of Rs 2000 for the remaining pass days. Transfer of registration for Events (Workshops/Retreats) is allowed in writing before the event’s set deadline.

Online Classes and Technical Difficulties:

In case of technical difficulties with online classes on your end, missed classes will not be adjusted, neither any refunds will be offered. However, we may permit the transfer of remaining classes to another person of your choosing, provided you notify us in writing.

Cancellation Policies:

For Private Yoga lessons, a 24-hour cancellation notice is required for a full refund; a half payment is necessary for cancellations made thereafter. In case of event cancellations, refunds will be processed through an online transfer after deduction of applicable processing fees. All refunds will be completed within 10 business days from the cancellation date.

Account Handling and Terms:

Please understand that due to the absence of a dedicated team for accounts and reception, I manage all departments individually. These terms and conditions are established for seamless operations and to allow me to focus on my primary role – teaching. I am a self-sufficient one-person team, and your cooperation with these terms is greatly appreciated.

Final Note:

Although I handle various roles, please continue to view me as your Teacher. Kindly refrain from negotiating or disputing these straightforward understandings. With gratitude.


(The Divine in me Bows to the DIVINE IN YOU)

(Please read the Contribution & Refund Policy in its entirety. By proceeding, it’s assumed that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions.)

Studio Etiquette Guidelines

We highly value every moment of our Yoga classes. To ensure a harmonious experience for everyone, please keep the following studio etiquette in mind:

Arrival and Seating: Arrive a few minutes ahead of class time to settle in. When entering the room, take a moment to survey the space and select a spot thoughtfully. Opt for a location that won’t require frequent adjustments if others join. If you find yourself running late, wait silently outside until the “centring” portion of the class is finished. Enter discreetly, unroll your mat quietly, and join the class.

Early Departure: When you need to leave a class early, first take a couple of minutes in savasana for relaxation, then depart gently without disrupting the class.

Guidelines for Yogic Conduct:

  • Punctuality: Please arrive on time for each class.
  • Notification of Absence: If you can’t make it to a class, as a courtesy & respect, Please drop a WhatsApp message in the class group rather than a personal message.
  • Attitude Adjustment: Leave ego and judgments outside the Yoga studio. Approach the practice with an open mind.
  • Hygiene Consideration: Maintain personal hygiene for the comfort of all participants.
  • Minimized Conversation: During class, minimize conversations or opt for complete silence.
  • Electronic Devices: Prior to class, silence or turn off all electronic devices. Store your belongings away from your mat in one designated area on the GREEN RUG at the back of the hall.
  • Footwear: Remove shoes outside the studio entrance.
  • Subdued Scents: Refrain from excessive use of perfumes or cologne in consideration of others.
  • Entering Gracefully: Enter and settle into the space quietly to maintain the class’s focus.
  • Children and Pets: Please leave children and pets at home, even if they are well-behaved.
  • Respect for the Teacher: Show respect for the teacher and express gratitude for their guidance.
  • Silent Savasana: Maintain silence during Savasana (corpse pose) to allow everyone to fully experience this meditative moment.
  • Proper Prop Usage: After using props such as mats, ropes (open ropes tied during rope sirasana), blankets (neatly folded), and chairs, kindly place them back neatly.
  • Studio Mat Use: If you use the studio mat for practice; please spray and wipe clean your sweat before putting back.
  • Creating Space: Be mindful of others around you, especially during busy times. Adjust your mat to accommodate others as needed.
  • Whisper Zone: Maintain a whisper-like atmosphere within the yoga room at all times.
  • Considerate Driving & Parking: The studio is located in a residential area. Please drive quietly and park in the designated area at the ground right behind YogAmoreShala. DO NOT PARK on the side of the road, except when its raining heavily and there is standing water in the ground.
  • Timely Payments: Ensure that your payments are made in advance without requiring reminders.

By adhering to these guidelines, we can collectively create an atmosphere of respect, focus, and tranquility in our studio. Thank you for your cooperation and dedication to your practice.

Usage Permissions and Copyright Notice

Image and Video Usage: We hold the rights to utilize and share images and videos captured during our classes, workshops, events, and retreats. Should you prefer not to have your image used or published, kindly communicate your request beforehand, and it will be respected. Please note that for content that has already been posted, removal will not be undertaken.

Website Content Printing and Downloading: You are granted permission to print and download excerpts from this Website, provided that no documents or associated graphics on the Website are altered in any manner. Additionally, ensure that the Company’s copyright and trademark notices, along with this permission notice, are present in all reproductions.

By abiding by these terms, we can maintain a respectful and transparent use of our content and uphold the standards of our offerings.

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