Shamanic Breathwork

Shamanic BreathWork is an ancient, natural, powerful & transformational journey on a cellular level that inspires individuals to awaken & reconnect with their own subconscious mind, body & Higher Selves. Native tribes used various practices of Shamanic Breathwork for different purposes. For self healing and improvement, Shamanic Breathwork can be used to release yourself from past traumas and break self destructive behavioural patterns.

Emotionally challenging situations experienced from birth, childhood, through to adulthood can reside in the body as emotional dis-ease, manifesting as mental health issues, personality problems and as physical disease.

Shamanic Breatwork, Breathwork

The emotional reactions to the situations we find ourselves in our lives are a direct result of our experiences, social conditioning, traumas, and how we have dealt with them on both a conscious and subconscious level. If we find ourselves at a point in our lives where we are not truly happy, feeling stuck or insecure, Shamanic BreathWork gives us the tools we need to effect real change, reconnect with our higher selves and our true purpose. These practices enable us to delve into our subconscious mind & body to reconcile these trapped emotions, physically releasing them from the body, allowing us to live our lives in the light of the present moment, without being overshadowed by our past.

Shamanic BreathWork is also a great way to access your deeper creative and successful self. It may manifest and benefit you in business, life and relationships by allowing you to harness a greater connection to your intuition and to ground self belief and self confidence.

How can Shamanic BreathWork help me? 

If you find yourself struggling with any of the following situations, Shamanic BreathWork could help you heal yourself and unlock your full potential.

  • Feeling stuck professionally
  • Loss of direction in life
  • Relationship & interpersonal problems
  • Feeling disconnected from true happiness & love
  • A lack of abundance in your life
  • Living with fears or phobias
  • Dependency or addiction to alcohol, tobacco or narcotics
  • Struggling to deal with long or short term grief 
  • Lack of libido, intimacy issues or sexual problems
  • Difficulty communicating with others
  • Insomnia or oversleeping
  • Migraines, tension headaches, non-physiological pain
  • Self-destructive behaviours or thoughts

Healing yourself from all this and more is possible with your breath – You are your own Shaman.

What happens during Shamanic BreathWork Ceremony and what can I expect during my first practice?

Prior to your first Shamanic BreathWork Ceremony you will be asked to set an intention – what do you want to achieve by taking part? Setting and holding an intention is a very important part of ceremony and self healing. For private one-to-one ceremonies you will be given a consultation, for your intention and needs to be best met and the appropriate Shamanic BreathWork Ceremony to be given. 

You will then be given a specific way to breath, that will allow you to access deeper parts of your mind and body. You will be guided throughout the whole ceremony, during which specially selected music will be played to help guide you on your journey. From start to finish, a Shamanic BreathWork Ceremony will last between 120 – 150 minutes, depending on the individual.

For many people, taking part in a Shamanic BreathWork Ceremony will be one of the most profound experiences of their life and as such, participants must be fully aware that this can affect significant positive change in their life. 

Each person’s Shamanic Breathwork journey is a highly individualized process and no two are ever the same. Some of the states of consciousness reported range from divine, otherworldly bliss states to the struggle to be released from negative forces in the psyche. Rebirthing is a common occurrence, as is the life review where one relives or observes their lifetime experiences. Old patterns of dysfunction may be brought to the surface. Addictions are sometimes transformed during this process, as feelings such as grief, fear, rage, and anxiety are released.

Group ceremonies can be incredibly powerful experiences and are often many people’s first experiences of Shamanic Breathwork. I hold Monthly Group Shamanic BreathWork Journeys & also offer 1 on 1 Journey for people wanting to go deeper.

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Shamanic Breathwork, Breathwork


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