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Balanced Meals

Our all inclusive retreats include healthy, well balanced meal plans. We cater to specific dietary needs such as vegetarian, vegan, kosher and hallal meal options upon request.

Experience the Difference

Experience a retreat unlike any other. Our team carefully and intentionally curates specialized retreat programs to take you on a transformative journey of recovery.

After Care

Felt great at the retreat, but now what? Each guest receives a customized after-care program, created by a mental healthcare professional, to take home with you, based on your unique needs.

Open Your Mind

Open your heart and your mind, to discover new treatments and healings to help you reclaim your life. From educational and science based workshops to Japanese healings, we offer patrons the unique opportunity to discover different tools to aid in their recovery.

What To Pack

A packing list of things you will need (and more importantly, things you will not need)!

Scholarship Fund

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With the help of patrons and alumni, we are offer partial and full scholarships to those would benefit greatly from our retreat. To contribute or to apply for a scholarship, 

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