Himalayan Yoga Wellness Retreat June 2023 Himachal Pradesh

If you’re a hard-working, heart-based individual who’s craving time to unplug, connect back to yourself, get a good grip on life, refresh, and refill your cup – then join me for this alchemical retreat, where you’ll connect with your inner compass, resolve inner conflicts, gain new clarity, and realize you already have within you all you need for success in work and life.

Wake up each morning to see the picturesque landscape that you believed to only exist in paintings; you are face to face with the Majestic & the Mighty Himalayan Range and snow covered mountain peaks, transporting you directly into the Heavens. 

In the next moment, you move your eyes and find yourself cocooned amongst enchanting Apple Orchards on all sides, where the apples are in full glory waiting to just get picked – finding yourself in the moment.

You smile inwardly as you remember the warm greetings from your hosts, your Colorful Boutique Villa – The Himalayan Shire, the place you call home during this Magical 7 Day Himalayan Adventure June 25-July 1, and your exciting encounters with your fellow participants. You delight as you dream of the delicious, home-cooked meals, the explorations and discoveries, the laughter and love.

But most of all, you delight in the shift. How and when it happened you’re not quite sure, but so much has changed during the last two days. In less than 48 hours, you’ve dropped the heavy baggage of the past. You’ve loosened and lightened up.

Your mind has emptied and expanded. You feel clearer and more confident, more awake and alive. You’ve surrendered to the magic of Fagu. You’ve buried your limitations and left them behind.

As you stand up and walk back into The Himalayan Shire for the afternoon lunch, you’re astonished at how liberated you feel. After all these years of hesitation and self-doubt, there’s a celebration going on inside. You’ve finally found yourself. In fact, you feel reborn. And this is only the beginning!

Welcome to the Magic of The Himalayan Shire!

And what is possible for you here?

For starters, how empowering would it feel to… 

  • Disconnect from the chaos of the day-to-day and learn and practice the art of slow living and simple life
  • Move away from feelings of being stuck and simply going through the motions. How amazing would that be for you?!
  • Have the clarity and confidence you need to know exactly what to do next in your life or carrier?
  • No longer feel anxious or overwhelmed by the constant demands of life & work?
  • Kick all sense of struggle and discouragement to the curb as you watch your dream life finally take off?

WATCH a short video to catch a glimpse of what your stay in this gem would look like.🎥

These are only some of the hidden abilities you will uncover as ancient, alchemical processes harness the power of Mighty Himalayas to peel away the layers of resistance and illusion inside you.

In days, you’ll find yourself more able to…

  • Integrate areas of conflict within so that you can wholeheartedly be of service by being authentically you;
  • Feel progressively calmer and more at peace so that you can effectively respond to even the most demanding life or work situations;
  • Transcend old patterns of limitation, dropping inner resistance and revealing the qualities you need most to make your life and work a success;
  • Access your own ocean of inner wisdom, leaving you with a more reliable inner guidance system to navigate your life and work;
  • Become immersed in intense presence, so that you can respond to the moment even under heavy pressure.

Sounds amazing! Tell me the cost & sign me up!


As the gates to your home away from home swing open, you’re immediately mesmerised by the beauty and magic of your surroundings.

There, your Himalayan Shire family welcomes you warmly, making it easy for you to settle in and get ready for the adventure ahead.

Today, as that adventure begins, we’ll hold our first gathering, open the sacred space, have an evening gentle yoga practice and set the transformation in motion.

Today, as part of our intimate circle, you’ll finally get a chance to meet your new friends in person and Set a CLEAR INTENT for this retreat.

And in the evening during a delightful and delicious family bonfire dinner, your senses will be dancing as your excitement for the adventure grows stronger. No doubt you’ll settle in for the night feeling eager for it to begin!

You wake up to the smell of chai.

You’re already in love with the dining hall and the open kitchen, the very heart of The Himalayan Shire, and you marvel over the savory breakfast spread before you.

This is the day you let go! The morning gathering with releasing breathwork ritual combined with dynamic meditation will prepare you for releasing all that no longer serves you.

In the process, you’ll come to understand how you’ve created those old, limiting patterns, and how YOU have the power to change them.

As you explore the Apple Orchards around the property and the slowing down process the “place of the chaos of the mind” will open up before you – a powerful symbol of being trapped by our own limiting beliefs.

Evening Cacao (the elixir of life) Ceremony with Ecstatic Dance, here, you’ll finally break free. As you leave the sacred space, you’ll feel lighter with every footstep.

We start our day with DMT Breathwork Meditation and an invigorating morning yoga practice, which opens up the gateway to go within and greet your true self. 

By this time you are pampered with a power breakfast refilling your senses and nourishing your body.  

In the afternoon we go on an elusive remote exploration, hiking in the forest trails, walking along the stream that flows along our footsteps, crossing several landscapes, finally arriving in the expansiveness of terrace gardens to be welcomed by one of the only few traditional local Himachali Families left in the region, who are still staying strong and anchored to their roots.

Here we interact, absorb their tradition, culture and hospitality. Followed by a traditional Himachali lunch, heartfully prepared & offered by the host family. This will be like a Homecoming experience. 

Evening heart centered sacred circle and a restorative yoga with yognidra practice will bring you back in touch with your true authentic self

Starting our day with Gratitude, counting our blessings we deep dive into a Gratitude Breathwork Mediation, with a Heart centred yoga practice leaving us feeling really Alive after a long time.

Carrying Love inside our hearts, we head to our delicious communal picnic brunch in the beautiful Apple Orchard that surround us to share stories, laughter and moments with our fellow journeymen. 

Today’s theme is “being reborn.” And through a Sacred Breathwork Journey in the early evening, you’ll invite in a new vision of yourself, your work and your life, and you’ll begin to realize your own power as a creator.

As you emerge reborn into the world, you’ll realize that YOU are the source of your life experiences.

Today, having shed the old and brought a new vision to life, you’re ready to experience the deeper truth and magic of this place.

Now is the time for awakening!

And what better place for awakening than right here, as we go for an early morning mountain top summit to the highest point in the whole valley to get the blessings for our new life from the Mother Goddess Kali at the Mahakali Deshu Temple; with an expansive & gorgeous 360 degree view to live for. 

This charged place carries its own energy of wisdom and transformation. With our morning Sadhana there, we will feel Alive, Awakened, at the Top of the world, and reinforcing that I am the creator of my Life and everything is possible when I put my intent into it.

As each teaching and ceremony leads to the next, you’ll be amazed at the shifts and changes within you. Evening Chakra Breathing Meditation will hold the power to awaken & energise your chakras. And through our sacred circle we will then centre ourselves and visualise the life that we want to lead and create for yourself, inviting you to remember and claim your own inherent power.

This could be one of the most powerful days of your life! It’s time for creation in action, and we have just the day planned for it.

We start our day with an energising yoga practice followed by a guided Breathwork to Manifest the life you want to create and live for yourself!

After a hearty breakfast, we will go into a sacred circle to plan & execute the next steps for us to start living this NEW AMAZING YOU. 

The evening holds space for one final Powerful Sacred Manifestation Ritual of Shamanic Trance Dance, where we allow this magic to happen. This is where creation begins!

The journey continues into the evening, as we celebrate our transformation with a communal bonfire dinner filled with music, dancing and fun. This is your time to share your joy and laughter, to revel in “being happy for no reason,” and to celebrate coming home to yourself.

As our journey together comes to an end (at least on this retreat), we’ll enjoy one last scrumptious meal together before gathering for a short closing ceremony.

On this last day, you’ll enjoy a beautiful morning with your new friends who now feel like family.

With a deep understanding and appreciation for what has been, you’ll now be ready to move forward into what is to become.

The retreat will officially close at 11 am on July 1st.

I hear Himalayas calling my name. I’m coming?

My Promise to You

When you walk away… after 7days of laughter, adventure, fireside conversations, introspection, peace and soul-searching in the The Himalayan Shire energized and invigorated, you’ll find home the same as you left it. It will be you that has changed.

What is now to become will emerge from the pure potential within you. That potential lies dormant, just waiting to be tapped. On this journey you will access and express your own power and divinity every day, revealing possibilities for your life and work you may never have imagined. 

How wonderful would it be to no longer feel anxious, exhausted and overwhelmed by the constant demands of life and work?

While experiencing different modalities that will immerse you in intense presence, you’ll learn how to release the past and future and consciously step into the now. You’ll also understand how to silence the part of your mind that spins its wheels so that you can respond to the needs of the moment in harmony and balance, even under pressure.

“Attending the retreat with Yog Amore at Auroville in Jan 2023 has been a life changing experience for me. Every session, be it, yoga sessions, breath work sessions or the sharing circle sessions helped me understand me , my path , my journey. The sessions through the 5 days were very well planned and conducted by Hugo. The venue for the retreat at Auroville was so well chosen and had the perfect ambience for a quiet and peaceful break from the hustle bustle of city life. I look forward to attending such retreats with Hugo again.”

Saptaparna Bhattacharyya

In the Conscious Retreat for the Soul, through powerful ceremonies, thought after modalities, learning self-awareness tools and group coaching, you will drop your self-limiting views and come to understand what it is you want to create for yourself, whether it is more freedom, transitions in your career or business, have healthier relationships, or you want to adjust how you approach each day through the mindset of maximizing your personal wellness. 

You’ll find your path accompanied by the friends you made… somewhere you never expected.

More than this, you’ll will begin to design an outline of how you will re-enter your state of “normal” upon returning home. 

More than a yoga retreat, this will be a personal discovery where you will tap into honest understandings by reconnecting to what you truly crave and yearn for in life.

I’m ready to up-level my Life. Let’s go!

The Venue


Your home away from home is a magical mystery gem, nestled in a serene, peaceful countryside location in Fagu, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, surrounded by apple orchards on all sides, with an exceptionally beautiful view of the Himalayan range.

You will hear nothing but the chirping of the birds all day and can easily spot some rare and beautiful bird species hanging around the gardens, and balcony. The sunrise view from the property is to die for. Sit outside on the lawn and enjoy some deliciously cooked meals prepared by the chef.

The Himalayan Shire is a three storied Villa with a wholesome mountain experience. In the property there are several cute corners to just sit & relax, experience some quite down time, contemplate and get dazed with the enchanting picturesque landscape of the Himalayas. 

You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to another time and space while still having all the conveniences of our modern age.

Your room will be unique, cosy and craft fully done.

As you step into this lovingly & thoughtfully prepared property, you’ll discover seven unique rooms, each named after the magnificent tree species that grace the surroundings. 

Every room has been meticulously designed with comfort in mind, blending rustic elegance with modern amenities. From the moment you enter, you’ll be captivated by the warmth and thoughtfulness that went into creating these tranquil havens. There are 3 twin rooms, 2 Premium Double rooms & 2 Master Suite. Each room has an en-suite washroom. 

Catch a stunning view of the Himalayan Mountain Range from the second-floor Yoga and recreational room. There is a pool table, TT table, and a variety of board games to choose from. Feeling bold? Belt out your favorite tunes for a karaoke jam! Another Highlight is their Attic Room, which just holds & transports you into the Heavens.  

Even if you never left the retreat center, your days would be filled with rich experiences, bringing a smile to your face, peace to your heart and inspiration to your soul.

The Cuisine


The flowing stream of aromas emanating from The Himalayan Shire will embrace your soul.

You’ll feel the warmth and love in the air. As you enter the dining room, you’ll delight in the vibrant colors and fine details meticulously placed by your gracious host, Rishabh (a lawyer by profession and a mountain and nature lover by passion)

In the open home kitchen, fresh, locally harvested ingredients are combined with attentive and loving preparation to create mouthwatering traditional & fusion cuisine.

Your taste buds will celebrate the complexity of flavors that arise from the conscientious combination of clean ingredients and delectable spices.

Scrumptious chutneys & dips with an unparalleled variety of fruit, vegetables, salads, Indian & fusion continental dishes, eggs, grains and accommodate every specific dietary requirement.

Fresh juices, teas, coffee, and traditional Himachali Chai are available throughout the day.

The power of good food to bring people together is ignited in the family-style dining room, making strangers into friends, creating laughter and unforgettable conversations.

Let the music play and let’s eat! All meals are included – and of course, dessert!

Wow, I can’t wait. I’m joining now!

Your Bonuses

  • Pre-retreat call – Get directions on how to set your intent and begin the process of the retreat before we leave. Find out how to make best use of your time in this place of power. 
  • Access to a Private Retreat WhatsApp Chat Group – so we can share our excitement before the retreat, make connections with new and old friends, ask questions, receive up to date trip info, stay connected post-trip, and of course use the group as a fun photo dump to share all of our experiences captured!
  • Ease your re-entry home and maintain your momentum and transformation with one personal & two group calls post-retreat. Avoid getting pulled back into old habit patterns, integrate your new learnings and experiences, and solidify the expression of your authentic self.

Your Adventure

Welcome to Fagu, a hidden gem nestled ahead of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, where your soul’s journey awaits at The Himalayan Shire. As you step into this enchanting property, the Majestic Himalayan Range greets you, its snow-capped peaks reaching towards the heavens. Surrounded by picturesque Apple Orchards, you find yourself immersed in the present moment, ready to embark on a magical adventure.


Picture this: a blissful day amidst the bountiful Apple Orchards, where the fragrance of ripe apples fills the air. We’ll indulge in a delightful picnic lunch, nestled amidst the verdant trees, their branches laden with juicy offerings. As you savor each bite, the crisp sweetness of the apples harmonizes with the surrounding natural splendor, enhancing your connection to the earth and nourishing your senses.

Prepare for an afternoon of elusive exploration as we traverse forest trails and meander alongside a flowing stream. Our journey leads us to the embrace of a traditional Himachali family, steeped in culture and hospitality. Immerse yourself in their traditions, and indulge in a heartwarming, homecooked Himachali lunch—a true homecoming experience.

As the sun sets over the magnificent Himalayan Range, our evenings come alive with the warm glow of bonfire dinners. Gather around the crackling flames, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of nature, as laughter and soulful conversations fill the air. With the stars as your witnesses, immerse yourself in the intimate ambiance, creating lifelong memories under the starlit sky

“Conscious Retreat For The Soul in Auroville, I attended with Hartaj (Hugo) Sir calmed the rush and restlessness in me. Simple exercises & techniques that made me “ feel life within “ a connection without any more pretex . Before the retreat was feeling so stuffed and fermented with ugly dramas. An extra much needed SPACE was created within me for future healthy something 🙏

Kanwaljit Gill

But our adventure doesn’t end there. Rise high, both physically and spiritually, as we ascend to the highest point in the valley—the summit of the Mother Goddess Kali at Mahakali Deshu Temple. From this sacred space, with a breathtaking 360-degree view, we’ll engage in morning Sadhana, feeling alive, awakened, and empowered. Here, you’ll reaffirm your ability to shape your destiny and manifest the impossible.

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure of self-discovery through my signature workshops and modalities. Each morning, as you awaken to the awe-inspiring landscape that once only existed in paintings, a profound realization will wash over you—dreams do come true. 

This yoga & wellness retreat in the Himalayas, will be your gateway to unlocking the depths of your soul and embracing the limitless possibilities that lie within. Brace yourself for a transformative journey where you’ll discover the power to manifest your desires and create a life that truly reflects your innermost dreams. The adventure begins now!

Bring on something new! Count me in!

What’s Included

Here are some of the included treats that are waiting for you…

  • A marvelous, home-like environment for six nights (double occupancy), where you feel like part of the family, on private and secluded grounds in an authentic village setting.
  • Sumptuous nourishing homemade meals made fresh daily – all meals, fresh juices, plus tea and coffee at any time of the day.
  • Magical, guided experiences, teachings, ceremonies and classes for all days 

What’s Not Included

These are some of the not-included things you cover yourself…

  • Your round-trip transportation from your home.
  • Any Personal or medical expense.

I had gone to Auroville retreat programme through Yog Amore in Jan 2023. I had one of the finest enriching experience of my life here. I believe I have changed some bit of my life through this retreat. Hugo sir has helped throughout the journey. The most important part of it is Hugo sir has tried to remain in touch and tried to make us follow our Learnings & Yoga beyond the retreat programme.

Vinayak Bhat

What You’ll Take Home:

  • A potentially life changing experience that will sow the seeds of permanent change in you
  • A well deserved intentional time for yourself, which will give you much more than simply a holiday
  • Identifying and release of roadblocks that’s stopping you to live your best life
  • Greater clarity and confidence that you can handle whatever’s coming next
  • Incorporating & forming (new) habits for your physical & mental well-being and to stay productive, motivated & organised
  • A new lens to look at life from
  • A deeper sense of peace and calm that you can bring into everything you do
  • A relaxed, rejuvenated and re-inspired body, mind and spirit.
  • An exciting sense of optimism and inspiration about your work and your life
  • Deep connections & Incredible memories with fellow heart based individuals

Incredible value! I can’t wait to join!

This journey is TOTALLY for you if…

  • You’re a heart-based individual who wants a more fulfilling life.
  • You want to rebuild a stronger connection with yourself.
  • You’re eager to feel more clarity and confidence in making life decisions.
  • You’re open-minded enough to welcome & explore different modalities and experiences. 
  • You’re open to going within and learning and growing with others.
  • You often feel that there has to be “more to life than this.”
  • You long to connect more deeply with your soul mission.
  • The idea of this trip makes you feel both excited and nervous!
  • You want to live your life and work on your own terms.

This journey is NOT for you if…

  • You have complete clarity on everything in your life and work.
  • You have no conflict between personal values and what’s expected.
  • You have all the success you want in both your work and life.
  • You would not benefit from a quieter, calmer mind.
  • You’re not interested in being more in tune with your inner wisdom.
  • You resist adventures and don’t like getting a little dusty-dirty.

I attended the Conscious Retreat For The Soul. Without exaggeration I have to admit that the experience was simply amazing - Loved every moment of it. While the yoga/meditation sessions were the core of it the retreat was designed to be a nice getaway from the regular rigor of life - my co-participants were from different parts of India with varied background - so meeting them and hanging out and exploring Auroville was great fun and very much a part of the whole experience. I do want to underline this since a lot of these retreats tend to get you aloof and be with yourself, whereas I felt this retreat offers the right balance to explore yourself and the outside world. Coming to the sessions, each one was quite unique - some of them were eye-opening and a revelation, some of them refreshing and rejuvenating! Loved all sessions from dynamic meditation to cacao ceremony to the yin yoga but the highlight for me was shamanic breathwork - takes you to blissful levels and almost experience a zen-type calmness. If you are thinking of attending a retreat from Hugo, would suggest to just go ahead and sign up - I promise that the yoga & wellness retreat will be a 'treat' with so many take-aways for your regular life.

Vinodh Kumar

Meet your Guide

Hugo, YogAmoreShala

Hugo – Life Coach, Yoga, Breathwork & Mediation Teacher, ERYT-900


Now, let me introduce myself, I’m Hugo, your guide for this soulful retreat in the Himalayan Shire. I’m a soul-searcher, traveler, and nature lover. I’m passionate about helping others discover their true potential, overcome their limitations, and find peace and clarity in their lives. I’ve been on my own journey of self-discovery and transformation for well over a decade, and I’m excited to share my knowledge and experience with you.

After chasing numbers and success for years in Canada, I found myself on the brink of burnout. But two major events in 2011 made me reconsider my life’s purpose: taking care of my ailing father in India and laying off company officials who had dedicated their lives to the corporation.


I realized I wanted something more fulfilling, and so I set out on a pursuit of spirituality and finding my true self & purpose. I trained at the best yoga schools and institutes all over India, lived in intentional communities; and then finally set up my own Yoga Shala in Chandigarh in 2015.

I have always been drawn to nature and the beauty it has to offer. I often take long hikes in the mountains, and during one such trip, I had a profound realization – that the universe has a plan for each one of us, and all we need to do is listen to our inner voice and follow our intuition.

My love for nature and spirituality led me to travel the world, seeking out different spiritual practices and modalities. During my travels, I met several wise souls who showed me that the answers we seek are within us. We only need to learn how to access them.

In this Himalayan Yoga & Wellness Retreat, I want to help you discover the transformative power of disconnecting from the chaos of daily life and practicing the art of slow living. My aim is to help you move away from feelings of being stuck and simply going through the motions of life, and instead help you gain the clarity and confidence to know exactly what to do next in your life or career. Together, we will harness the power of the Mighty Himalayas and ancient alchemical processes to peel away the layers of resistance and illusion inside you.

My promise to you is that after 7 days of laughter, adventure, fireside conversations, introspection, peace and soul-searching, you will walk away feeling energized and invigorated, with a newfound sense of clarity, peace and purpose. I invite you to join me on this journey to access and express your own power and divinity every day, revealing possibilities for your life and work you may never have imagined.

I’m convinced! Count me in!


This Retreat is only limited to 12 people. It is highly encouraged to place your deposit at the earliest, so that you can secure your place and begin planning your remarkable retreat to paradise.

Limited Spots Left! Bookings for the Retreat closes June 16th, 2023;or till spots are filled (whichever is earlier).

To Register, CLICK on the REGISTER NOW! yellow box anywhere on this Retreat Page. 

Full price for the retreat is INR 48,000/- per person for 7 days/ 6 nights in the Twin Share Room (on double occupancy).

Full Price for the Master Suite is 108,000/- (for 2 people) and the deposit for the the Master Suite is 20,000/-. (you will need to make 2 deposits of 10,000 each)

INR 10,000 deposit secures your space in the retreat.

After the Initial deposit, the entire balance needs to be paid in full by June 18th.

We always provide a general overview of the yoga & wellness retreat program, leaving the details to be decided and experienced as the journey unfolds. I teach from life Itself, as it guides me, and that is always happening in the moment!

Depending on the group’s energy, the itinerary may shift in any direction. Please trust that magic will happen and that I have a wonderful journey planned for you. I look forward to a most exciting adventure together!

As a general overview, we will gather for Sessions Twice or Thrice a Day. A couple hour Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork session in the morning. In the evening a couple of hours for special session, like Cacao Ceremony, Ecstatic Dance, Shamanic Trance Dance, Sacred Breathwork Journey and many more. In the late evenings or early afternoon for Sacred sharing circle with Group Coaching. And during the day, the learnings will happen from all the interesting conscious conversations and learning from each others experiences.

Most meals will be at the Himalayan Shire itself. There will also be a few excursions and extracurricular activities and festivities.

The Himalayan Shire is located in awe-spiring location of Fagu, which is 19kms away from the main Shimla city. 

The best option is to come by road from Chandigarh, on the NH22 (Chandigarh Shimla Highway) which is a beautiful comfortable drive and takes about 4 hours to cover these scenic 120kms. Chandigarh is well connected by all transport. 

From Delhi, by road it will take you around 9 hours to reach, which is also a very comfortable drive as the quality of highways are great.

Alternately there is an Airport in Shimla, which operates 1 daily flight to & fro Delhi

Yes, our yoga & wellness retreats are on double sharing basis. In our experience by the end of Day 2, everyone is hanging out in one room itself. 

This particular retreat has 3 twin sharing room, with separate beds; 2 double rooms & 2 suites with larger than king size bed.

If you sign up individually, you will be assigned in the twin sharing room.

If you are a couple or 2 people who sign up together, you will be given a double room which has amazing snow covered mountain view directly from your room window. 

If you are a couple or 2 people who would like to pamper yourself with a little more luxury, we have an option for 2 very big & luxurious master suites with best views. This can be availed with a slight premium. 

If you are 3 people who sign up together, we will give you the the master suite which has has a king and a queen bed. We will offer you this master suite with no extra premium.

No matter where you are on your fitness or spiritual journey, you are welcome as you are. You will return home feeling grounded, renewed and transformed.

This is not just a vacation in a pretty place. It is an investment in YOU. A more appropriate question would be, how can you afford NOT to do this?

The training and teachings alone is worth the price of this retreat. It is geared not only toward supporting you & your life and will be invaluable to you as you return home to “do life”. And dare we say, this expense is deductible?

This reason alone is why you should come on the retreat! You have to learn the importance of creating space and making time for you to renew and regenerate and pour into you so that you can show up as the best version of yourself for not only your job but your family.  You will absolutely return home inspired and transformed having a clear mind and vision and being able to offer even more to both areas of your life!  

Yes you can join in this with your partner, if they will be fully attending this retreat with you. The couples that goes through experiences like this together, stays stronger and much more connected to each other needs and journey.

Unfortunately, No for kids. The retreat is an amazing experience, yes, but it’s also a deep inner journey with an invitation for profound transformation. The more focused and present you can be, the more you will get out of this opportunity.

Of course not! You are always in control of your own choices and master of your own journey.

That being said, every aspect of this journey has been selected and arranged with a greater purpose and mission in mind. It is intended to assist you in the transformation you desire, and you won’t want to miss even a step along the way.

By all means, enjoy this beautiful landscape and property for as long as you want!

The retreat is officially over at 11 am on July 1st. however If you are looking to extend your stay on either end of your trip, we are happy to assist and make it happen for you.

No. Each and every session at the Retreat is important and linked to every other session. In case you can’t devote 7 whole days, please feel free to opt for a future Retreat. The format of the Retreat requires your whole attention for all of the 7 days. You have to be physically, emotionally and mentally available for the sessions. Please have 7 days away from work and other commitments before you arrive at the Retreat.

Yes there is high speed internet and great cell phone reception at the property. 

That being said, the more you can disconnect from your life back home, the better the impact of this alchemical experience, so please plan to be “off the grid” as much as possible.

Fagu – The untouched secret in the Himalayas. The weather in June is perfect; enjoy summer time in the mountains and when the apples are almost getting ripped all around. During the day the average temperature will be around 25 and at night the temperature will be around 18 degree celsius.

Cancellation request made before June 5th  – 50 % refund.

After that No Refund.

You may transfer your booking to another person of your choice by discussing & informing us. 

Get in touch with us by clicking on the WhatsApp or Call button below. 

What participants of our previous retreat have to say

Hugo's Yoga Retreats are very special. It is a crash course of various techniques that helps us to be more aware of our emotions and helps us getting connected to the present. His Yoga Retreats primarily transforms the ancient practices of Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation so that the modern-day individual like you and me, finds them easy to practice and valuable.
Deepak Mehta
Large Plant Manufacturing General Manager, Nagpur
"The conscious retreat for the soul" was a refreshing change from the routine. In the lap of nature, the retreat provided me with a host of activities to dive deep within. It provided hands-on experience of different tools to tame my mind. It was great to experience cacao ecstatic dance, Osho dynamic meditation, Shamanic breathwork apart from my all-time favourite
Hatha Yoga and Restorative Yoga.
Kiran Joshi
Founder Conversations, Communication Specialist, Chandigarh

No more doubt! I’m saying yes to me!