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Who We Are ?

A Seeker Turned Teacher, Whose Journey Will Inspire You to Embark on Your Own!

Namaste! Welcome to YogAmoreShala, where the journey to self-discovery begins. Join me, Hugo, founder and a soulful explorer, as we embark on a path of mindfulness and transformation together. Just like you, I once sought solace from the chaos, and now I’m here to share the wisdom I’ve gathered. Fate has guided me, nicknamed ‘Bhikshu’ by my wise grandfather, instilling a lifelong devotion to this spiritual calling. Through immersive training, enlightening retreats, and the lessons of remarkable teachers, I’ve unlocked the secrets to personal transformation & inner peace. Today, it’s my purpose to empower you with the tools and techniques that will open your heart and mind. Let’s journey together, inspire each other, and embrace the magic of self-discovery.

Born to be a Monk, Raised to be a Master: Discover the Wisdom and Tools to Unlock Your True Potential with YogAmoreShala. 

Yogamoreshala Founder HUGO

What We Offer ?


Escape the Ordinary, Embrace the Extraordinary: Join us on a Journey to Carefully Curated Locations, Where Tranquility and Transformation Await!

Weekend Workshops

Step into a World of Wonder & Growth: Our Weekend Workshops Offer a Variety of Transformative Practices to Ignite Your Spirit & Awaken Your Mind!


Yoga Shala

Discover the Magic of Yoga and Meditation: Join Our Tribe - Experience the Blissful Benefits of Mind-Body Connection Four Days a Week!

Life Coaching

Unleash Your Inner Power: Experience Personal Mastery and Transformation with Our 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions and Unlock the Best Version of Yourself!

Why Choose Us ?

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Conscious Retreat For The Soul



June 25th - July 1st, 2023

Auroville New Year yoga retreat


To be disclosed

Auroville New Year yoga retreat


Jan 21st - 26th, 2023



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