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Who We Are ?

Namaste! I am Hugo- Founder of YogAmoreShala.

In my consciousness, my spiritual journey started many years ago in Auroville where I went seeking a break from my fast-paced life, similar to what many of you might be seeking now. This set me on a long journey of self-exploration and a pursuit of mindfulness.
However, I think it was fated since the day I was born, my grandfather, who I was very close to and imbibed a lot from, had one look at me and christened me ‘Bhikshu’- (Hindi for ‘monk’).
Over the years, I trained under great teachers, attended various courses, programs, festivals and retreats, read many books to delve deeper into myself and the purpose of this existence. And have now dedicated my life to teaching the tools and techniques I learnt to whoever is ready to open up their heart and mind to it.  

Yogamoreshala Founder HUGO

What We Offer ?

Yoga Retreats

At our Retreats, we whisk you away to carefully curated locations, away from tourists and ....

Weekend Workshops

At Our Weekend Workshops: We explore many forms of meditative practices such as ....

yogamoreshala founder hugo

Yoga Shala

At Our Yoga Shala: we offer Yoga and Meditation classes 4 days a week where we practice....

Life Coaching

One on one sessions on lifestyle, healing yourself through Yoga.....

Why Choose Us ?

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Yoga Retreat

Auroville New Year yoga retreat


Jan 21st - 26th, 2023

Goa Retreat Yoga

Andretta, Palampur

Sep 8th – 12th, 2021

Auroville India Yoga Wellness Retreat in January Yoga on the beach


To be disclosed


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