Yoga Privates

Yoga Privates

A one-on-one Private Yoga session with me is the perfect way to take your Yoga practice to the next level. Whether you are a beginner with many questions, a seasoned veteran looking to refine your practice or just someone who wants individually tailored expert advice, a Private Yoga lesson is immensely helpful. Sometimes we just need a little more attention and care and a Private Yoga session offers you a means to deal with specific personal needs, questions or injuries. Lasting for an hour, Private Yoga lessons are a powerful tool that allows you to see deeper insights, go deeper into your practice and relieve stress from a long day.

Private yoga class, personal yoga class


  • Grasping the basics of yoga (3+ sessions recommended)
  • Tailoring their practice to benefit a sport or profession outside of the studio, such as improving golf swing or complementing triathlon training
  • Counselling and Life Coaching
  • Working to release emotional upheavals & past traumas 
  • Overcoming anxiety, depression and developing Self Confidence
  • Learning different Breathing/ Pranayama practices
  • Learning & practicing Mindfulness & Meditation practices
  • Osho Active Meditations
  • Working with personal and/ or partner intimacy issues 
  • Working to break Addictions or addictive patterns
  • Learning to modify a practice while healing from injury
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Learning to do ShatKarma, like Jala Neti, Laghoo Shankhaprakshalana (LSP), Vaman Dhauti
  • Weight-loss and Lifestyle changes
  • Pre & Post Natal Yoga
  • Developing confidence to practice in group setting
  • Learn to adapt poses for your needs & work through obstacles in specific poses you find difficult
  • Gain insight into your unique structural issues through hands-on adjustments and personal feedback
  • Receiving one-on-one attention in a private space
  • Develop an individualised personal practice with professional guidance
private yoga class, personal yoga class, yoga privates

Private Yoga sessions are scheduled at our studio and are taught in a friendly, simple and professional manner. 

Sessions are also offered LIVE ONLINE, where you may learn & practice from the comfort of your Home.

24hrs Cancellation Policy for all Private Yoga lessons. Full refund if cancellation received with 24 hours noticehalf payment required thereafter.

Energy Exchange:
Rs. 2000 for an hour session.

Special 6 sessions price of Rs. 11000; (and for longer commitment in Multiples of 6 sessions) to be used within 30 days. 

For Limited Time Only, Special Online Personal Hour Session price of Rs. 1500.

The above mentioned price is for 1 person only. Any subsequent addition of a person to a 1 on 1 session will be charged additionally at Rs. 500 per person. All Private Yoga lessons are based on availability and all prices are subject to change.

*The above mentioned Prices are for Indian Citizens Only.

** Foreign Nationals & NRI Please inquire for your Individual Tailored Price…


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