The Teacher


I am Hartaj Sahdra (Hugo), Chief, The Yoga Teacher & Founder of YogAmoreShala.


I am a certified RYT 900 hours Classical Yoga Teacher (completed in 2015). Trained under Master Teachers from ‘The Yoga Institute’ in Bombay, in the original, classical & the most authentic form of Yoga (completed in 2015). Since then I have learned & trained under several Iyengar Master Teachers in various part of the country, namely Rajiv & Swati Chanchani (Yog Ganga, Dehradun); many months with Usha Devi (Omkarananda Patanjala Yoga Kendra, Iyengar Yoga Centre, Rishikesh), also have spent a month learning & practicing at the RIYMI, Pune, The Mecca of Iyengar Yoga. In Dec 2018, did a month long Backbend Intensive, with Iyengar Master Teacher Pankaj Sharma (from Germany). My Time spend on learnings with different Teachers will be over 2 Years.


I have been Teaching Yoga for the last 5 Years in Chandigarh. Been on the Path of Self Discovery &working on the self for over a Decade. My classes combine a blend of styles and techniques, including Iyengar, Hatha flow, Vinyasa, Yin & Restorative. I emphasize on alignment and strength, as well as bringing students into the restorative nature of asana. Which means to learn & remember to breathe consciously all throughout your asana practice; and then with the breath taking the awareness inside to different parts of the body; thus making your asana practice, Meditative in Nature. I also share Active Meditations Practices complied by OSHO; very Powerful & transformative Shamanic BreathWork Joiurney; Ecstatic Dance & Life Coaching.


I am a firm believer in living up every moment of life through cultivated mindfulness and throwing yourself into new experiences that challenge your personal growth. Travel, fun, and self love through training your body, mind and spirit are vital aspects of mine.

My Journey into practicing Yoga began after leading a very stressful corporate work life in Canada, which brought me closer to an early burn out. This led me to question deeply ‘What is it, that is most important to me’. It moved me entirely to follow and continue on my Spiritual Path, which has been with me since early childhood and possibly from past lives.

Yoga to me is about exploring, learning more about yourself and truly understanding the universal connection we all have to each other. The most exciting and inspiring part of my practice is being able to share my experience with others, either through teaching asanas or meditation or talking about philosophy on how to fully live your life or taking a step back to allow myself to learn from students.


Couple of my favourite sayings about Yoga is that,

“Yoga is not about touching your toes but about what you learn on the way down”.

“Its not about how flexible you become in your body, what matters is how flexible you become in your mind, the approach to life, embracing change & how quickly you can come back to your balance.”

As a lover of life, health and happiness; my goal as a Yoga Teacher is to guide my students towards a deeper level of physical fitness, mental peace and healthy lifestyle.



(Union with Love)