Regular Group Classes

Regular Group Classes

Through our Classes we try to reinforce the essence of YOGA, which gives you an opportunity to step away from the past and the future and into the present, the place where life exists.

In our teachings we try to adopt ‘Simply Be’ Yoga, which does not subscribe to any one particular style of Yoga, but blends and flows through many styles emphasizing on mindful breath and body focus. Our classes welcome everyone into a judgement free zone, regardless of fitness level, or Yoga experience. Our classes provide a safe space to assist people to discover oneself, learning to know their limitations and feeling enough trust to challenge oneself to grow.

Our Group Classes are facilitated by Ayesha & Hartaj (Hugo) together. We try to keep the mood light, free & playful and we are always up-to trying new things to keep the practice exciting. Through self-awareness the practice becomes more focused, powerful and with less risk of an injury. Please remember, it’s YOUR practice — your best teacher resides within you. We encourage students to listen to their body and adjust their practice to fit your needs..

Our Group size is kept small. Each class is 75 minutes in duration. Please check the schedule for Group Classes. 

Please check the schedule for Group Classes