Guest Teachers

Guest Teachers

Ayesha (Former Teacher & Partner)

Namaste I am Ayesha, a Yoga Instructor, trained in India under Master Teachers from ‘The Yoga Institute’ in Bombay (which is the Oldest organised Yoga Institute in the world, established in 1918). I am a qualified RYT 900 Classical Yoga Teacher.

“You are where you are, of course with memories of the past and dreams for the future, but this present is the moment that is” and Yoga confirms this belief of mine.

Growing up in many cities of India, studying in the US, returning back and working in Chennai, India and spending a little time in France left me with many diversified experiences. Questioning my limitations and social norms became second nature. Somewhere the question “who am I” became a constant echo within me.

My experiments with food, lifestyle, traveling, dualities and the mind-body-soul took priority. As this journey commenced I encountered, what still seems like my greatest loss, my mother’s rapid death. It imbalanced me but also gave me a great insight into the process of dying, and the fragility and importance of LIFE. The fear of death left me, for it already took what was most sacred to me. Yoga has taught me to regain balance and to accept the PRESENT as it is.

Yoga is experiential, it is your own connection with your true self and in this great circle of life, where all are teachers and all are students, I open my heart space to share and exchange my experiences and learnings with all those who may be interested.

Jess Jones, Guest Teacher for 2 Weeks in July 2016

A World traveler from United States with 12 years of International teaching experience in traditional Hatha, and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Her energy was infectious and passion for sharing wellness through Yoga inspiring. She shared many insightful tips with us and our students and facilitated a very great Weekend Yoga & Wellness Workshop.  

What Jess had to say about her experience:

“Thank you for the awesome experience of sharing together. It was great to have a practice together at home on some days and I really enjoyed taking the classes at your lovely Shala- so serene. Chandigarh seems to be a place full of big-hearted and warm people.  I got a chance to recharge- thank you for the delicious and fresh food. I was well looked after and your family and Umesh were super. Yes, absolutely wishing all the best to you both and the success of Yog Amore and the many lives touched by the message of Yoga. All the best with Yog Amore and continuing to share your experience.” ~ Jess


Chandrika, Guest Teacher for 3 Weeks in August 2016

A Yogini, practicing and travelling across many parts of India. She started her yoga journey  in 2011. From the Himalayan Iyengar centre in Dharamkot, the Krishnamacharya centre in Chennai and to a Shaivism centre in Kashmir she has been following her inner journey with utmost sincerity. She enjoys teaching Hatha and Vinny Yog. She exudes a certain calm and smoothed everyone into a meditative state

What Chandrika had to say about her experience:

“I had such an amazing stay and everything was perfect. Thank you for everything. It was such pleasure, every moment of my time here. So so grateful. The students were lovely and accepted me so beautifully. If the students need my contact please pass it on. Would love to stay connected to you and them. I will miss the students. Hope I could keep up to your expectations” ~ Chandrika

Celeste Fourie, Guest Teacher for 1 Week in September 2016

A youthful fresher from Melbourne, Australia, transitioning into the deep World of Yog. She started her learning in Rishikesh and came in and shared her understanding of Hatha Yog and Vinyasa. She was very charming and gentle.

What Celeste had to say about her experience:

“Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share Yoga with such beautiful kind and loving group of people. My time teaching and sharing here in Chandigarh was such a blessing and blissful experience that I will never forget. I am very grateful to have had this experience… Thank you and may you continue to spread love and joy to your student”. ~ Celeste