Children deserve to be Positive, Peaceful and Productive
We believe we can change the world one child, one breath,
one moment at a time

The problems facing our education system are growing and all too familiar.  Obesity, attention deficit disorders, diabetes, violence, bullying, widening economic gaps, and mental health disorders and eating disorders.  Our children and youth face more challenges and stressors in life, and as professionals working with children, we must provide them with the tools to face these growing obstacles in a healthy way so that we can increase academic success, physical fitness, behavior and self-esteem.  When Yoga is woven into the value system of a school, it can transform the entire community.

Yog Amore @School offers a program for the community of students and teachers at your school.  Our teaching are based on science-based exploration of the body, mind and the self with the support of the exercise system of Yoga to improve and enhance learning, health and personal responsibility.  It is important to understand that Yoga is not a religion and the program is not faith based.  Yoga is the oldest form of mind- body exercise that integrates the mind, body and breath, developing physical health and mental clarity.  The lessons support children in their intrinsic drive to acquire knowledge, skills and proficiency for active learning to take place.  By developing self-awareness and self-confidence, the students and teachers will learn lifetime tools for wellness and problem solving in life-tools that we all need to for health & well-being.

A growing body of research indicates yoga for kids may be an effective strategy for proactively managing classroom behavior and efficiently boosting student learning and performance.

Our intent is to provide information, and to introduce Yoga & Mindfulness to kids and teens and to show them how to easily make Yoga a vital part of their daily lives. Thereby allowing them to have fun, explore, create, and benefit in tremendous ways from this ancient and fulfilling practise.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old… We grow old because we stop playing” ~ George Bernard Shaw

Thus, we believe firmly in the spirit of play!